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mainUpdated project readme to include wasm build instructionsJustin Worthe4 years
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2018-03-25Updated project readme to include wasm build instructionsHEADmainJustin Worthe
2018-03-25Removed wasm32 debug build.Justin Worthe
2018-02-03Changed the browser support error message to be more definitiveJustin Worthe
2018-02-03Added a 'start listening' button to the wasm frontendJustin Worthe
2018-02-03Renamed wasm interface file to reflect that it isn't just emscripten anymoreJustin Worthe
2018-02-02Fixed weird isizes that should have been usizesJustin Worthe
2017-12-28Added extra build instructions for wasmJustin Worthe
2017-12-28Updated WASM build to use the new wasm32-unknown-unknown targetJustin Worthe
2017-12-26Refactored to use more extensive typingJustin Worthe
2017-12-26Updated GTK version and fixed linting issues from ClippyJustin Worthe