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Changed the browser support error message to be more definitive
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<div id="browser-support-error" class="error" style="display:none;">
- It looks like something has gone wrong while loading. The
- most likely reason for this is that this app doesn't support
- your web browser.
- </p>
- <p>
- I test with the latest version of Firefox, but it should
- also work with recent versions of Chrome, Microsoft Edge,
- Safari and Opera. If you're running one of these browsers,
- please make sure you've updated to the latest version.
+ This app relies on your browser supporting WebAssembly, which is
+ a relatively new technology, and so will only work on up to date
+ web browsers. Please try with the latest version of Firefox,
+ Chrome, Safari, Edge or Opera.
<div id="unexpected-error" class="error" style="display:none;">