AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-25Updated project readme to include wasm build instructionsHEADmainJustin Worthe
2018-03-25Removed wasm32 debug build.Justin Worthe
2018-02-03Changed the browser support error message to be more definitiveJustin Worthe
2018-02-03Added a 'start listening' button to the wasm frontendJustin Worthe
2018-02-03Renamed wasm interface file to reflect that it isn't just emscripten anymoreJustin Worthe
2018-02-02Fixed weird isizes that should have been usizesJustin Worthe
2017-12-28Added extra build instructions for wasmJustin Worthe
2017-12-28Updated WASM build to use the new wasm32-unknown-unknown targetJustin Worthe
2017-12-26Refactored to use more extensive typingJustin Worthe
2017-12-26Updated GTK version and fixed linting issues from ClippyJustin Worthe
2017-12-26Moved overall model updating logic out of the GUI layerJustin Worthe
2017-11-27Tweaked webaudio settings to decrease latency a little and remove incorrect s...Justin Worthe
2017-11-12Added loading and error indications for web UIJustin Worthe
2017-11-11Fixed incorrect stderr function name in javascriptJustin Worthe
2017-11-10Added polyfill for web audio apiJustin Worthe
2017-11-09Added docs to the complex parts of the rusty microphone javascriptJustin Worthe
2017-11-08Moved webassembly build automation to a makefileJustin Worthe
2017-11-05Fixed positioning of framerate labelJustin Worthe
2017-11-05Set up web interface to mimic GTK interfaceJustin Worthe
2017-11-04Updated calls from web to limit the window size to 512 samplesJustin Worthe
2017-11-04Changed wasm build to use release modeJustin Worthe
2017-11-03Added a connection to the microphone through the web, calling into RustJustin Worthe
2017-10-16Added correlation function which updated array in placeJustin Worthe
2017-10-16Added 'brew update' to travisci macos build scriptJustin Worthe
2017-10-15Added emscripten calls for hz interpretationJustin Worthe
2017-10-15Moved emscripten APIs to their own module and added stubs for other methodsJustin Worthe
2017-09-24Updated readme to include info a WASM buildJustin Worthe
2017-09-24Emscripten endpoint for finding fundamental frequencyJustin Worthe
2017-09-24Cleaned up transforms apiJustin Worthe
2017-09-18Updated readme to include upcoming features planJustin Worthe
2017-09-10Merge branch 'master' of Worthe
2017-09-10Removed unnecessary rounding of errorJustin Worthe
2017-09-10Added compile flags to disable anything that shouldn't end in a wasm buildJustin Worthe
2017-08-12Fixed potential index out of bounds errorJustin Worthe
2017-08-12Merge branch 'master' of Worthe
2017-08-12Added missing requirement for Mac build processJustin Worthe
2017-08-02Readded frame skippingJustin Worthe
2017-08-02Added installation needed for base Fedora installJustin Worthe
2017-08-02Made OSX travis build required and updated readme to reflect requirementsJustin Worthe
2017-08-02Added missing portaudio dependency to MacOS buildJustin Worthe
2017-08-02Updated sharp/flat characters to use correct unicodeJustin Worthe
2017-08-02Removed unnecessary commentJustin Worthe
2017-08-02Experimenting with adding OSX travis buildJustin Worthe
2017-07-22Fixed incorrect type inferrence to a vector rather than a sliceJustin Worthe
2017-07-21Made changes suggested by ClippyJustin Worthe
2017-07-15Decreased window size and increased framerateJustin Worthe
2017-07-12Simplified loop for doing calculations from microphone samplesJustin Worthe
2017-07-12Added benchmark for finding fundamental with correlationJustin Worthe
2017-07-11Updated silence level and made no pitch's error show a 'perfect' pitch backgr...Justin Worthe
2017-07-08Ignored audio device unit tests because Travis doesn't have audio devicesJustin Worthe