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Project Description Last Change
advent-of-code-2016.git Solutions to the Advent of Code challenges for 2016 5 years ago
advent-of-code-2017.git Solutions to the Advent of Code challenges for 2017 4 years ago
advent-of-code-2018.git Solutions to the Advent of Code challenges for 2018 3 years ago
advent-of-code-2019.git Solutions to the Advent of Code challenges for 2019 23 months ago
advent-of-code-2021.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 3 weeks ago
bug-basher.git A game about letting the pug sleep 3 years ago
entelect-challenge-battlecity.git Bot for the 2013 Entelect Challenge - Battle City 8 years ago
entelect-challenge-battleships.git Bot for the 2017 Entelect Challenge - Battleships 4 years ago
entelect-challenge-spacebot.git Bot for the 2015 Entelect Challenge - Space Invaders 6 years ago
entelect-challenge-tower-defence.git Bot for the 2018 Entelect Challenge - Tower Defence 3 years ago
examples/rust-channels.git Example of using channels in Rust 4 years ago
forks/gate.git A specialized 2D game library - Forked from 3 years ago
interactive-pacbot.git A playable visualizer for the 2016 Entelect Challenge 7 years ago
orgize.git A Rust library for parsing orgmode files. Forked from 2 months ago
qif-parser.git Qif file preprocessor to decrease duplication when importing to gnucash 10 months ago
rallyx.git A clone of the arcade game RallyX 7 years ago
rust-git-hooks.git A collection of Git hooks written in Rust 4 years ago
rusty-microphone.git Signal processing to give real time feedback on music 3 years ago
south-african-id-parser.git Library for parsing South African ID numbers 4 years ago
worthe-signals.git Signal processing math implemented in Rust 4 years ago