advent-of-code.gitMy solutions to the Advent of Code challenges
arch-linux-install-script.gitArch install script. Fork of 4 months
bug-basher.gitA game about letting the pug sleep
entelect-challenge.gitBots for various Entelect Challenges
garlic-social-links.gitTiny web app for generating social sharing links that don't include tracking
gate.gitA specialized 2D game library. Fork of 3 months
interactive-pacbot.gitA playable visualizer for the 2016 Entelect Challenge
qif-parser.gitQif file preprocessor to decrease duplication when I import into gnucash
qmk.gitOpen-source keyboard firmware for Atmel AVR and Arm USB families. Fork of https:...3 months
rallyx.gitA clone of the arcade game RallyX
rust-git-hooks.gitA collection of Git hooks written in Rust
rusty-microphone.gitSignal processing to give real time feedback on music
south-african-id-parser.gitLibrary for parsing South African ID numbers
worthe-signals.gitA Rust library of signal processing primatives