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mainAdded breaking sinusoids into orthogonal componentsJustin Worthe5 years
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2017-02-21Added breaking sinusoids into orthogonal componentsHEADmainJustin Worthe
2017-02-21Added licenseJustin Worthe
2016-12-27Fixed spelling of 'phasor'Justin Worthe
2016-12-27Added in addition of sinusoids with the same phaseJustin Worthe
2016-12-26Moved sinusoid usage example tests to documentationJustin Worthe
2016-12-23Continued looking at property based testing for complexJustin Worthe
2016-12-05Playing with documentation tests and quickcheckJustin Worthe
2016-12-05Refactored number traitsJustin Worthe
2016-12-04Added sampling of a rangeJustin Worthe
2016-12-03Started adding sinusoidsJustin Worthe