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mainUpdate to modern RustJustin Wernick16 months
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2021-03-03Update to modern RustHEADmainJustin Wernick
2019-01-06Update of documentationJustin Worthe
2019-01-05Rearranged for better clarityJustin Worthe
2019-01-05Better error handling in qif fileJustin Worthe
2019-01-02Improved error handlingJustin Worthe
2018-12-29Simplified architecture, lib was unnecessaryJustin Worthe
2018-06-21Added licenseJustin Worthe
2018-06-21Added readmeJustin Worthe
2018-01-05Moved check for filepath being a file to the parsing stageJustin Worthe
2018-01-05Another common lineJustin Worthe