AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-09-28Changed scale in HUD to relate better to game scaleHEADmainJustin Worthe
2014-09-27Cleaned up play.jsJustin Worthe
2014-09-26Started reordering methods in play stateJustin Worthe
2014-09-24Moved common game entity code into parent classJustin Worthe
2014-09-24Removed unused imagesJustin Worthe
2014-09-21Renamed prefab folderJustin Worthe
2014-09-21Changed detection of preload completionJustin Worthe
2014-09-21Updated readmeJustin Worthe
2014-09-21Removed unused states and templating of main.jsJustin Worthe
2014-09-10Swapped gamepads and corrected position of victory textJustin Worthe
2014-09-08Added keyboard controls to HUDJustin Worthe
2014-09-08Updated phaser to v2.0.7Justin Worthe
2014-09-08Swapped player A and B controls to better match side of screenJustin Worthe
2014-09-08Added HUD with controller diagram and scoreJustin Worthe
2014-09-07Added pressing escape to restart the gameJustin Worthe
2014-09-05Regenerated fontsJustin Worthe
2014-09-02Added restrictions on dropping a poison pill in the respawn zoneJustin Worthe
2014-09-02Handled players both eating poison togetherJustin Worthe
2014-09-01Prevented eating opponent when leaving respawn spotJustin Worthe
2014-09-01Added invisible walls to prevent stupid moves after respawnJustin Worthe
2014-09-01Prevented player from moving into respawn areaJustin Worthe
2014-08-31Added detailed rules for movement restrictionJustin Worthe
2014-08-31Added sound effect for player respawningJustin Worthe
2014-08-31Added gamepad support for poison pillsJustin Worthe
2014-08-31Hid cursor on canvasJustin Worthe
2014-08-27Added visual indication of player ready to place poison pillJustin Worthe
2014-08-24Updated todo listJustin Worthe
2014-08-24Added dropping and eating of poison pillsJustin Worthe
2014-08-24Added required state for poison pillsJustin Worthe
2014-08-23Updated todo listJustin Worthe
2014-08-23Added wrapping of game worldJustin Worthe
2014-08-23Removed relying on arcade physics for overlap detection, added player respawnJustin Worthe
2014-08-23Changed turn changing to only happen at the end of a players movementJustin Worthe
2014-08-17Added todo listJustin Worthe
2014-08-02Updated width fix. Last one didn't work on firefox.Justin Worthe
2014-08-02Made canvas scale to accommodate portrait view.Justin Worthe
2014-08-02Added om-nom sound effectsJustin Worthe
2014-07-31Made orientation actually work.Justin Worthe
2014-07-31Fixed semicolon issuesJustin Worthe
2014-07-31Attempt at adding orientation based inputJustin Worthe
2014-07-24Adjusted position of score textJustin Worthe
2014-07-24Made fonts red and yellow for different playersJustin Worthe
2014-07-19Added scaling to have game match screen heightJustin Worthe
2014-07-19Changed all inputs to polling instead of eventsJustin Worthe
2014-07-19Added analog stick support on controllersJustin Worthe
2014-07-19Fixed animation issue on playersJustin Worthe
2014-07-18Started adding gamepad supportJustin Worthe
2014-07-17Added bonus pill and bumped phaser versionJustin Worthe
2014-07-17Added reading levels from a fileJustin Worthe
2014-07-17Added an example level fileJustin Worthe