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2017-06-24Bumped version number to 1.0HEADmainJustin Worthe
2017-06-24Added additional metadata to package.jsonJustin Worthe
2017-06-24Added license info to the readme filem and added the GPLJustin Worthe
2017-06-24Updated dev dependencies and added lintingJustin Worthe
2017-02-12Added TravisCI scriptJustin Worthe
2017-02-12Bumped minor versionJustin Worthe
2017-02-12Renamed main file to better fit browser useJustin Worthe
2017-02-12Added boilerplate to allow use in Node or in browserJustin Worthe
2015-12-17Fixed spelling error in readmeJustin Worthe
2015-12-16Bumped versionJustin Worthe
2015-12-16Shortened description in package.jsonJustin Worthe
2015-12-16Added extra metadata to package.jsonJustin Worthe
2015-12-16Added basic documentationJustin Worthe
2015-12-13Added tests for ID validatorJustin Worthe
2015-12-13Initial commitJustin Worthe