AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-07Changed cargo toml to point at hosted forked gateHEADmainJustin Worthe
2019-01-01Added example unit tests for circles intersectingJustin Worthe
2018-12-29Minor cleanupJustin Worthe
2018-09-12Mostly implemented capsulesJustin Worthe
2018-09-12Changed hitboxed from an 'is a hitbox' to a 'has a hitbox'Justin Worthe
2018-08-11Clippy-suggested improvementsJustin Worthe
2018-08-11New cursors!!!Justin Worthe
2018-08-09Made the wasm build work againJustin Worthe
2018-08-09Fixed positioning of things in new coordinate systemJustin Worthe
2018-08-05Updated Gate versionJustin Worthe
2018-06-30Added adorable pomeranian spritesJustin Worthe
2018-06-12Difficulty that escalated a bit moreJustin Worthe
2018-06-12Made animated pugJustin Worthe
2018-06-03Added a custom cursorJustin Worthe
2018-05-01Vector times scalar and unit vectorsJustin Worthe
2018-05-01Added escalating difficultyJustin Worthe
2018-04-15Added game over popupJustin Worthe
2018-04-12Added random bug generationJustin Worthe
2018-04-12Added lives stringJustin Worthe
2018-04-02Added hitboxes and something for the bugs to run intoJustin Worthe
2018-04-02Added number font and pointsJustin Worthe
2018-03-08Update svg's export detailsJustin Worthe
2018-03-08Made bugs round to match the round hitboxJustin Worthe
2018-03-06Bugs walking to the middle of the screen slowlyJustin Worthe
2018-03-02Clickable bugs!Justin Worthe
2018-02-26Early commit: both desktop and wasm supportJustin Worthe
2018-02-15Initial commit, sin-bugJustin Worthe