descriptionSignal processing math implemented in Rust
last changeTue, 21 Feb 2017 18:38:58 +0000 (20:38 +0200)
2017-02-21 Justin WortheAdded breaking sinusoids into orthogonal components master
2017-02-21 Justin WortheAdded license
2016-12-27 Justin WortheFixed spelling of 'phasor'
2016-12-27 Justin WortheAdded in addition of sinusoids with the same phase
2016-12-26 Justin WortheMoved sinusoid usage example tests to documentation
2016-12-23 Justin WortheContinued looking at property based testing for complex
2016-12-05 Justin WorthePlaying with documentation tests and quickcheck
2016-12-05 Justin WortheRefactored number traits
2016-12-04 Justin WortheAdded sampling of a range
2016-12-03 Justin WortheStarted adding sinusoids
2016-12-02 Justin WortheAdded division
2016-11-27 Justin WortheAdded conjugating and multiplication
2016-11-26 Justin WortheAdding constructors from polar coordinates
2016-11-26 Justin WortheMoved complex to its own file
2016-11-26 Justin WortheAdded link to travisci build badge
2016-11-26 Justin WortheComplex number with addition
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