descriptionSignal processing to give real time feedback on music
last changeSun, 25 Mar 2018 17:31:28 +0000 (19:31 +0200)
2018-03-25 Justin WortheUpdated project readme to include wasm build instructions master
2018-03-25 Justin WortheRemoved wasm32 debug build.
2018-02-03 Justin WortheChanged the browser support error message to be more...
2018-02-03 Justin WortheAdded a 'start listening' button to the wasm frontend
2018-02-03 Justin WortheRenamed wasm interface file to reflect that it isn...
2018-02-02 Justin WortheFixed weird isizes that should have been usizes
2017-12-28 Justin WortheAdded extra build instructions for wasm
2017-12-28 Justin WortheUpdated WASM build to use the new wasm32-unknown-unknow...
2017-12-26 Justin WortheRefactored to use more extensive typing
2017-12-26 Justin WortheUpdated GTK version and fixed linting issues from Clippy
2017-12-26 Justin WortheMoved overall model updating logic out of the GUI layer
2017-11-27 Justin WortheTweaked webaudio settings to decrease latency a little...
2017-11-12 Justin WortheAdded loading and error indications for web UI
2017-11-11 Justin WortheFixed incorrect stderr function name in javascript
2017-11-10 Justin WortheAdded polyfill for web audio api
2017-11-09 Justin WortheAdded docs to the complex parts of the rusty microphone...
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