descriptionQif file preprocessor to decrease duplication when importing to gnucash
last changeWed, 3 Mar 2021 18:20:13 +0000 (20:20 +0200)
2021-03-03 Justin WernickUpdate to modern Rust master
2019-01-06 Justin WortheUpdate of documentation
2019-01-05 Justin WortheRearranged for better clarity
2019-01-05 Justin WortheBetter error handling in qif file
2019-01-02 Justin WortheImproved error handling
2018-12-29 Justin WortheSimplified architecture, lib was unnecessary
2018-06-21 Justin WortheAdded license
2018-06-21 Justin WortheAdded readme
2018-01-05 Justin WortheMoved check for filepath being a file to the parsing...
2018-01-05 Justin WortheAnother common line
2018-01-01 Justin WortheChange to handle files internally instead of working...
2017-12-01 Justin WortheAdded clicks regex
2017-11-29 Justin WortheAdded cleaning up of funny descriptions
2017-11-23 Justin WortheBasic functionality: parses qif files and strips T...
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