descriptionA playable visualizer for the 2016 Entelect Challenge
last changeSun, 28 Sep 2014 17:17:30 +0000 (19:17 +0200)
2014-09-28 Justin WortheChanged scale in HUD to relate better to game scale master
2014-09-27 Justin WortheCleaned up play.js
2014-09-26 Justin WortheStarted reordering methods in play state
2014-09-24 Justin WortheMoved common game entity code into parent class
2014-09-24 Justin WortheRemoved unused images
2014-09-21 Justin WortheRenamed prefab folder
2014-09-21 Justin WortheChanged detection of preload completion
2014-09-21 Justin WortheUpdated readme
2014-09-21 Justin WortheRemoved unused states and templating of main.js
2014-09-10 Justin WortheSwapped gamepads and corrected position of victory...
2014-09-08 Justin WortheAdded keyboard controls to HUD
2014-09-08 Justin WortheUpdated phaser to v2.0.7
2014-09-08 Justin WortheSwapped player A and B controls to better match side...
2014-09-08 Justin WortheAdded HUD with controller diagram and score
2014-09-07 Justin WortheAdded pressing escape to restart the game
2014-09-05 Justin WortheRegenerated fonts
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