2014-07-31 Justin WortheAttempt at adding orientation based input
2014-07-24 Justin WortheAdjusted position of score text
2014-07-24 Justin WortheMade fonts red and yellow for different players
2014-07-19 Justin WortheAdded scaling to have game match screen height
2014-07-19 Justin WortheChanged all inputs to polling instead of events
2014-07-19 Justin WortheAdded analog stick support on controllers
2014-07-19 Justin WortheFixed animation issue on players
2014-07-18 Justin WortheStarted adding gamepad support
2014-07-17 Justin WortheAdded bonus pill and bumped phaser version
2014-07-17 Justin WortheAdded reading levels from a file
2014-07-17 Justin WortheAdded an example level file
2014-07-17 Justin WortheFixed bug in player movement
2014-05-28 Justin WortheFixed centering of victory text
2014-05-28 Justin WortheHacked in changing player sprite based on turn
2014-05-28 Justin WortheAdded cleanup and drawing of game result
2014-05-23 Justin WortheAdded turn mechanic to game
2014-05-17 Justin WortheAdded showing of scores
2014-05-17 Justin WortheAdded placeholder font for score
2014-05-14 Justin WortheAdded condition for game ending
2014-05-14 Justin WortheAdded second player to the game
2014-05-14 Justin WortheAdded scoring on colliding with pills
2014-05-14 Justin WortheAdded pill to the world and set object anchors to their...
2014-04-21 Justin WortheAdded tracking of where walls are, to prevent moving...
2014-04-21 Justin WortheAdded player with movement
2014-04-21 Justin WortheRemoved border from game area
2014-04-21 Justin WortheAdded missing template file used by Grunt build
2014-04-21 Justin WortheAdded wall sprites and hard coded a very basic map
2014-04-21 Justin WortheCreated temporary sprites
2014-04-21 Justin WortheScaffolded Phaser template
2014-04-20 Justin WortheAdded initial readme
2014-04-18 Justin WortheInitial commit