Changed scale in HUD to relate better to game scale
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2014-09-28 Justin WortheChanged scale in HUD to relate better to game scale master
2014-09-24 Justin WortheRemoved unused images
2014-09-08 Justin WortheAdded keyboard controls to HUD
2014-09-08 Justin WortheAdded HUD with controller diagram and score
2014-09-05 Justin WortheRegenerated fonts
2014-09-01 Justin WortheAdded invisible walls to prevent stupid moves after...
2014-08-31 Justin WortheAdded sound effect for player respawning
2014-08-27 Justin WortheAdded visual indication of player ready to place poison...
2014-08-23 Justin WortheAdded wrapping of game world
2014-08-02 Justin WortheAdded om-nom sound effects
2014-07-24 Justin WortheMade fonts red and yellow for different players
2014-07-19 Justin WortheFixed animation issue on players
2014-07-17 Justin WortheAdded bonus pill and bumped phaser version
2014-07-17 Justin WortheAdded an example level file
2014-05-28 Justin WortheHacked in changing player sprite based on turn
2014-05-28 Justin WortheAdded cleanup and drawing of game result
2014-05-17 Justin WortheAdded placeholder font for score
2014-04-21 Justin WortheCreated temporary sprites
2014-04-21 Justin WortheScaffolded Phaser template