Placeholder for new heuristic based random search
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2018-08-31 Justin WorthePlaceholder for new heuristic based random search
2018-08-31 Justin WortheLimited the looking into the future to be a bit more...
2018-08-29 Justin WortheAdded targeted waiting to evaluated moves
2018-08-27 Justin WortheRemoved tesla order fixing
2018-08-27 Justin WortheRemoved unused deconstruct command
2018-08-27 Justin WortheRefactoring to have more stuff on player
2018-08-27 Justin WortheMore plot info for debug
2018-08-27 Justin WortheRemoved branching around energy limiting heuristics
2018-08-27 Justin WortheIncreased the likelihood of using an iron curtain if...
2018-08-19 Justin WortheTweaked performance for enegy tower limiting
2018-08-18 Justin WortheImplemented maximum number of energy buildings in a row
2018-08-16 Justin WorthePrinted debug for different tower building
2018-08-16 Justin WortheAdded initial seed on nothing move
2018-08-14 Justin WortheAdded extra logging of the win ratios
2018-08-14 Justin WortheBumped dependency version numbers
2018-08-12 Justin WortheFixed logic error on when nothing should be avoided
2018-08-12 Justin WortheEliminated assuming opponents might do nothing in rando...
2018-08-12 Justin WortheReduced more duplication and removed TODOs
2018-08-12 Justin WortheRemoved unused import
2018-08-12 Justin WortheFolded duplicate code for player and opponent
2018-08-12 Justin WortheCollapsed player info into the rest of the 'buildings...
2018-08-12 Justin WortheBumped energy cutoffs right up to allow iron curtain
2018-08-12 Justin WortheMissile towers destroyed by a tesla can still fire...
2018-08-12 Justin WortheTest cases that do the iron curtain
2018-08-12 Justin WortheTest for iron curtain availability and normal towers
2018-08-12 Justin WortheAllowed monte carlo search to use iron curtains
2018-08-11 Justin WortheImplemented most of the iron curtain changes
2018-08-11 Justin WortheClippy-suggested edits
2018-08-09 Justin WortheRearranged random move selection to avoid expensive...
2018-08-09 Justin WortheUpdated point representation to better match my heavy...
2018-08-09 Justin WortheConverted game engine vectors to arrayvecs
2018-08-09 Justin WortheRemoved unnecessary Player field
2018-08-09 Justin WortheRemoved dynamic settings
2018-08-09 Justin WortheRemoved expressive engine
2018-08-09 Justin WortheAdded more TODO ideas
2018-07-24 Justin WortheFixed min and benchmark logging in discarding search
2018-07-23 Justin WortheModified pruning to be friendlier to calculating benchmarks
2018-07-23 Justin WortheAdded option for discarding poor performing moves early
2018-07-22 Justin WortheNaive implementation of depth first walk of the state...
2018-07-21 Justin WortheRearranged to make data flow clearer
2018-07-21 Justin WortheMore efficient opponent damage calc
2018-07-21 Justin WortheMoved change to all buildings outside of missile update...
2018-07-21 Justin WortheMarginally faster tesla activity update
2018-07-21 Justin WortheSimplified duration handling to allow longer profiling
2018-07-21 Justin WortheRemoved bitfield comment
2018-07-21 Justin WortheDisabled benchmarking on expressive engine
2018-07-21 Justin WortheRemoved need to load settings for the bitwise game...
2018-07-21 Justin WortheAdded an index, to make the missile towers a proper...
2018-07-21 Justin WorthePulls a change out of a loop
2018-07-21 Justin WortheBroke dependency on settings in constructing building
2018-07-15 Justin WortheFlipped bitfields on the opponent side to make implemen...
2018-07-15 Justin WortheImplemented shooting teslas in the same order as the...
2018-07-12 Justin WortheChanged other bitwise stuff to use constants
2018-07-12 Justin WortheUpdating bot to use more named constants
2018-07-08 Justin WortheStarted moving constants to a constants file
2018-07-07 Justin WortheChanged default implementation used by main to be bitwise
2018-07-05 Justin WortheAdded handling of tesla towers
2018-07-04 Justin WortheMade the choice of random building spots be based on...
2018-07-04 Justin WortheAdded tests of indexing into random bitwise building
2018-07-02 Justin WortheInitial drop in replacement implementation
2018-07-02 Justin WortheGame engine working, except for teslas and choosing...
2018-07-01 Justin WortheContinued filling in bitwise game engine
2018-07-01 Justin WortheStarted filling in bitwise simulation logic
2018-07-01 Justin WortheRead missiles from the json into bitfields
2018-07-01 Justin WortheJSON parsing of bitwise buildings
2018-07-01 Justin WortheStarted implementation of reading bitwise from json
2018-07-01 Justin WortheBuilt bitwise game state from current game state
2018-07-01 Justin WortheSet up (failing) property test for working of new game...
2018-07-01 Justin WortheImplemented tesla count for bitwise
2018-06-30 Justin WortheCreated data structure for bitwise game engine
2018-06-30 Justin WortheMoved 'expressive' specific building logic out of gener...
2018-06-30 Justin WortheUpdated benchmark to only take constant map size into...
2018-06-30 Justin WortheInitial stab at putting game engine behind a trait
2018-06-30 Justin WorthePruned dead functions in the engine
2018-06-30 Justin WortheRemoved deconstruction from the list of commands considered
2018-06-30 Justin WortheAdded test of newly functioning tesla towers
2018-06-25 Justin WortheAdded rule on maximum two tesla towers
2018-06-25 Justin WortheUpdated test cases and made engine work correctly accor...
2018-06-25 Justin WortheCompilation, allowing new moves to be chosen, and missi...
2018-06-25 Justin WortheAdded functioning of tesla towers
2018-06-25 Justin WortheAdded new tower type and deconstruct action
2018-06-09 Justin WortheUpdated default features to not include benchmarking
2018-06-09 Justin WortheCalibrated energy cutoff and turned it on by default
2018-06-09 Justin WortheAdded reduced time flag
2018-06-09 Justin WortheAdded pruning of buying energy buildings behind a featu...
2018-06-09 Justin WortheAdded max building price to game settings
2018-06-04 Justin WortheSaturating sub. Marginal speed improvement. Clearer...
2018-06-04 Justin WortheMoved to replays that have missile position fix
2018-06-03 Justin WortheAdded todo
2018-06-03 Justin WortheMoved json parsing to be part of a module, with textmap...
2018-06-02 Justin WortheMade my game engine match theirs
2018-06-02 Justin WortheMoved replay-based test to have convenience import...
2018-06-01 Justin WorthePut multispeed missiles back in
2018-05-31 Justin WortheMade move_missiles even tighter on iterating and cleani...
2018-05-31 Justin WortheTighter loop for removing destroyed buildings
2018-05-31 Justin WortheTweaking move missiles to be more efficient
2018-05-31 Justin WortheProfile driven optimization of missile moving
2018-05-31 Justin WortheChange to finding affordable buildings to avoid a resize
2018-05-31 Justin WortheClippy suggested changes
2018-05-19 Justin WortheInlined unnecessary map