Fixed min and benchmark logging in discarding search
[entelect-challenge-tower-defence.git] / src / strategy /
2018-07-24 Justin WortheFixed min and benchmark logging in discarding search
2018-07-23 Justin WortheModified pruning to be friendlier to calculating benchmarks
2018-07-23 Justin WortheAdded option for discarding poor performing moves early
2018-07-02 Justin WortheInitial drop in replacement implementation
2018-07-01 Justin WortheSet up (failing) property test for working of new game...
2018-06-30 Justin WortheInitial stab at putting game engine behind a trait
2018-06-30 Justin WortheRemoved deconstruction from the list of commands considered
2018-06-25 Justin WortheAdded rule on maximum two tesla towers
2018-06-25 Justin WortheUpdated test cases and made engine work correctly accor...
2018-06-25 Justin WortheCompilation, allowing new moves to be chosen, and missi...
2018-06-09 Justin WortheAdded pruning of buying energy buildings behind a featu...
2018-06-02 Justin WortheMoved replay-based test to have convenience import...
2018-05-31 Justin WortheClippy suggested changes
2018-05-19 Justin WortheInlined unnecessary map
2018-05-19 Justin WortheRemoved dependency on OS randomness for seeding
2018-05-15 Justin WortheMoved away from special benchmarking suite
2018-05-15 Justin WortheRayon for threading
2018-05-14 Justin WortheAdded running total of unoccupied cells
2018-05-14 Justin WortheChanged invalid move checking to be a debug assertion
2018-05-14 Justin WortheReduced number of needless allocations to improve perf
2018-05-14 Justin WortheAdded profiling target with perf
2018-05-12 Justin WortheLimited bot to run within the 2 second window
2018-05-12 Justin WortheDebugged and fixed the errors that had the monte carlo...
2018-05-12 Justin WortheInitial stab at monte carlo implementation