Removed bitfield comment
[entelect-challenge-tower-defence.git] / src / engine /
2018-07-21 Justin WortheRemoved bitfield comment
2018-07-15 Justin WortheFlipped bitfields on the opponent side to make implemen...
2018-07-08 Justin WortheStarted moving constants to a constants file
2018-07-04 Justin WortheAdded tests of indexing into random bitwise building
2018-07-01 Justin WortheContinued filling in bitwise game engine
2018-07-01 Justin WortheBuilt bitwise game state from current game state
2018-05-31 Justin WortheTweaking move missiles to be more efficient
2018-05-31 Justin WortheClippy suggested changes
2018-05-15 Justin WortheAdditional code and bug fixes to help end to end tests
2018-05-09 Justin WortheAdded converting from JSON code to game engine represen...
2018-05-05 Justin WortheInitial commit with sample bot and embedded game engine