Simplified duration handling to allow longer profiling
[entelect-challenge-tower-defence.git] / src / bin /
2018-07-21 Justin WortheSimplified duration handling to allow longer profiling
2018-07-21 Justin WortheDisabled benchmarking on expressive engine
2018-07-07 Justin WortheChanged default implementation used by main to be bitwise
2018-07-02 Justin WortheInitial drop in replacement implementation
2018-07-01 Justin WortheSet up (failing) property test for working of new game...
2018-06-30 Justin WortheUpdated benchmark to only take constant map size into...
2018-06-03 Justin WortheMoved json parsing to be part of a module, with textmap...
2018-05-15 Justin WortheMoved away from special benchmarking suite
2018-05-15 Justin WortheMoved perf intermediary files to target folder
2018-05-14 Justin WortheChanged invalid move checking to be a debug assertion
2018-05-14 Justin WortheAdded profiling target with perf