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2017-07-22 Justin WortheAdded special case for a point that can be known to... master
2017-07-15 Justin WortheUpdated shot ordering to choose cheeper one if scores...
2017-07-15 Justin WortheAvoided counting hit cells as eliminating unknowns
2017-07-15 Justin WortheAdding shooting of new weapons
2017-07-12 Justin WortheFixed bugs in knowledge update
2017-07-12 Justin WortheAvoided placing adjacent ships
2017-06-24 Justin WortheImplemented knowledge updates based on all weapon types
2017-06-24 Justin WortheKnowledge update that can handle different weapons
2017-06-22 Justin WortheAdded turns to weapon being available to knowledge
2017-06-18 Justin WortheAdded knowledge of weapons
2017-05-30 Justin WortheAdded readme to project
2017-05-28 Justin WortheAdditional maths tests
2017-05-27 Justin WortheAdded some tests for math
2017-05-24 Justin WortheChanged bot extension for windows
2017-05-20 Justin WortheImplemented lattice restricted battleship searching
2017-05-20 Justin WortheFinished up efficient elimination of found ships
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