descriptionBot for the 2013 Entelect Challenge - Battle City
last changeThu, 12 Dec 2013 18:54:59 +0000 (20:54 +0200)
2013-12-12 Justin WortheCreate master
2013-11-14 Justin WortheRemoved logging output
2013-11-10 Justin WortheFixed issue when trying to move left/right while in...
2013-11-10 Justin WortheExperimental new method of going straight to center...
2013-11-03 Justin WortheUpdated timing to use relative time rather than absolut...
2013-10-27 Justin WortheAdded awareness of last action, and turning to try...
2013-10-20 Justin WortheRemoved duplicate wsdl
2013-10-20 Justin WortheRemoved unneeded (and commented) event handling code
2013-10-20 Justin WortheFixed off-by-two error
2013-10-20 Justin WortheFixed giving commands to dead tanks
2013-10-20 Justin WortheRefactored project to have separate AIAgents for each...
2013-10-14 Justin WortheInitial commit with the Mono Rot Bot
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