descriptionMy linux config
last changeSun, 10 Mar 2019 07:56:29 +0000 (09:56 +0200)
8 days ago Justin WortheBumped Ruby version master
8 days ago Justin WortheMore clicker game shortcuts
8 days ago Justin WortheRemoved compton settings, since it doesn't work well...
2019-02-21 Justin WortheRapid click shortcuts
2019-02-21 Justin WortheCompton config to decrease screen tearing
2018-10-14 Justin Wortherequired absolute path to script
2018-10-14 Justin WortheNew script for running scheduled downloads
2018-10-14 Justin WortheStable RLS
2018-09-20 Justin WortheAdded GDB to default programs
2018-09-19 Justin WortheDefault to SSH, rather than SCP, for tramp
2018-09-01 Justin WortheAssigned default workspaces to monitors on startup
2018-09-01 Justin WortheMultiple workspaces, moving left and right
2018-09-01 Justin WortheUpdated counsel projectile
2018-08-18 Justin WorthePDF export of org agenda
2018-08-18 Justin WortheAdded yearly agenda view with html export
2018-08-12 Justin WortheFixed issue with rust language server and flycheck
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