Changed hitboxed from an 'is a hitbox' to a 'has a hitbox'
[bug-basher.git] / src / entities /
2018-09-12 Justin WortheChanged hitboxed from an 'is a hitbox' to a 'has a...
2018-08-11 Justin WortheClippy-suggested improvements
2018-05-01 Justin WortheVector times scalar and unit vectors
2018-04-15 Justin WortheAdded game over popup
2018-04-02 Justin WortheAdded hitboxes and something for the bugs to run into
2018-03-08 Justin WortheMade bugs round to match the round hitbox
2018-03-06 Justin WortheBugs walking to the middle of the screen slowly
2018-03-02 Justin WortheClickable bugs!